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Justin Zandan

Noelle Castle 19th August 2022

I work with Noelle on a regular basis for my marketing and brand messaging needs. She wrote the content for our new website, and really captured the personality of the business, making suggestions along the way for ways to communicate our services to customers better. I was so happy with her abilities and enthusiasm, that […]

Philip Smith

Noelle Castle 19th August 2022

Noelle has helped revamp my website content considerably. She has written new content for me, edited my existing site for keywords and better onsite SEO. She really captures the spirit and essence of what I want clients to envision with my services. In short, she is a editing and word crafting wizard!!! I highly recommend […]

Danielle Lehoux

Noelle Castle 19th August 2022

Noelle does a great job on our blogs and is a pleasure to work with! She writes original content that is informative and educational for our clients, demonstrating we have market knowledge and expertise without being too pushy about it. We’ve noticed an uptick in our newsletter sign-ups since we starting having a blog, which […]

Scott Kidder

Noelle Castle 18th August 2022

Noelle has really stepped up to be an extension of our marketing team. After we hired her to do a brochure for us, she helped us develop our new website. She facilitated the website development process, working with the designer and web developer, keeping everyone on track, communicating among the team, and she wrote all […]

Milly Welsh

Noelle Castle 18th August 2022

On the internet content is king! Websites and SEO depend heavily on good content, and Noelle provides that invaluable service for my clients. She not only is a great writer, but she understands the importance of incorporating keywords and long-tail search terms into content – a skill I have found lacking in most copywriters. Her […]

Chris Bouchard

Noelle Castle 18th August 2022

Noelle helped me increase the quality and longevity of my blogs. She has been coming up with 99% of the topics, doing the research, and only touching base when she needed more information about how I run things for my business. Being a business owner is tough and getting help is crucial… you can’t do […]