One-Time Blogging
One-time custom content blog: $250/blog
Research, custom content (up to 1,200 words), editing, SEO optimized format

Curated Blog: $100/blog
Research, custom introduction (250 words), link to shared content

Ongoing Blogging: from $225/blog
6 mo. agreement required; One-time $50 set-up fee; 700-1,000 words/blog, research, custom content writing, 1 featured image, editing, posting of blog to website with SEO optimization.

Blog Packages
6 mo. agreement required; one-time set up fee $50

Blog Packages are available, customized to fit your marketing and sales goals. Here are some possibilities…

3 blogs/mo. to include 1 custom content, 2 curated content, 3 images: $400/mo.*
4 blogs/mo. to include 2 custom content, 2 curated content, 4 memes: $650/mo.*
4 blogs/mo. to include 4 custom content, 4 memes: $750/mo.*
More than 4 blogs/mo.: please contact for pricing

$50 set up fee covers: phone meeting w/company contact to discuss blog objectives, phone meeting re: SEO key words, phone meeting with IT if necessary

*Package includes regular phone meetings with company contact to discuss blog topics, interviews for content, proofing for industry accuracy, etc.