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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is copywriting on a mission! This form of marketing is focused on creating, publishing and distributing content online that is targeted to your audience.

Attract Attention – Engage Action – Acquire Leads

Businesses need to create content that is relevant to their customer’s needs. Your content must be high-quality and compelling so that they will pay attention, and of enough value so they will respond in the desired manner.

Your business needs these forms of content marketing to be effective in today’s marketplace:

content marketing
  • Website
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Newsletter
  • Email Marketing


Your ultimate goal in digital marketing is to get readers to follow links to your website. If you greet them with a badly constructed site lacking valuable content, there’s a good chance your efforts have been wasted. Disappointed readers aren’t going to stick around, and they will be off to visit your competitors’ sites!


Content is king on the internet, and the easiest way to build your content on your website is through blogging. Blogs demonstrate your industry expertise, answer some of your most frequently asked questions, build your organic SEO, and gives you great content to push out to your social media and other marketing efforts. Build a reputation as a reliable source of quality content with regular blogging.

Social Media

There are over 3 billion active social media users worldwide, so there is a pretty good chance your customers are among them! Social media is a fast and effective way to engage with your audience, and a powerful content marketing method to incorporate into your marketing strategy.

Newsletters – Email Marketing

Newsletters are a classic member of the marketing arena, and still a highly effective way to engage with your customers and prospects. It also has the highest return on investment due to your ability to target your audience. When you can send content directly to customers on a mailing list, you don’t have to compete to be heard in a crowded marketplace.

Castle Media Co. can help!

The best content marketing is educational, and offers information and resources beyond your direct product or services. When you offer consistent, quality information to your audience, they will become loyal to your brand.

We will work with you to determine an effective marketing and brand messaging approach for your products and services, with clear objectives that drive profit to your business.

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Gayle Workman

Gayle Workman

I wanted to thank you for everything! I love all the written content you did for the website - it was just what I wanted!

Niki Sargent

Niki Sargent

Sometimes we forget to appreciate the people who help us in unique ways. I’m grateful for all your guidance, feedback & natural ability to tame my fiery spirit while still capturing my passion in a professional manner! 💗 Thank you!!!

Pam & Keith Nicely

Real Estate Done Nicely

We have worked with Noelle to update our website content, add blogs to our site, and do our monthly email newsletter for us. She has added several blogs to the website that answer client questions, and demonstrate our expertise in real estate. She also designed an email newsletter for us that picks up our branding beautifully, and she wrote the monthly content for us which made getting newsletters out regularly much easier for us. We would recommend Castle Media to any business needing customized help with their marketing!

JoAnne Christman
Owner / Tint LLC

JoAnne Christman

Noelle helped me update the copy on my website for new services I was adding, and to improve my current page content. It was so worth it! I never realized how much goes into optimizing content for good search results. I enjoy writing, but I just never get the time to sit down and do it. I really felt that Noelle was genuinely interested in my business, and she captured my services and the manner in which I work with clients very well. She has since started adding blogs to my site, and helping me with various updates. She really knows her stuff!