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Compelling copy keeps your website visitors engaged and lead them to take actions that are both important to you and meaningful to them. Website copy also needs to be optimized to a company’s keywords, structured so it is most readable, and grammatically correct. Beyond your website design, your website copy gives visitors their first impression of your business. This service is available for any digital or other marketing product.

A Website Copy Review, sometimes referred to as a copy audit, can be very helpful because it provides professional feedback on the written content of your website from an outside, unbiased copywriter’s standpoint. A Review includes an assessment of a website’s written copy, page by page, with suggestions for how the copy can be improved, what may be missing, and other suggestions the experienced copywriter may have.

A website copy review can be very helpful if:

  • You’ve had your website a long time and want to refresh the copy.
  • You don’t feel that your website copy is hitting the mark, it just doesn’t feel like it reflects your business the way you would like it to.
  • Your website isn’t performing the way you would like it to (it could be the copy).
  • You’re working to improve your on-page SEO on your website.
  • You’re in a specialized or technical industry or have a lot of specialized expertise and you want to communicate that to an audience that doesn’t understand the technical jargon, so you need to put it “in plain language.”

Benefits of a Copy Review:

  • Strengthens your core message.
  • Makes sure each of your website pages are accomplishing what you intend them to (sending the right message).
  • Ensures you have engaging, interesting copy with enough punch without sounding too pretentious or too clever.
  • Verifies the website has a customer journey by sending them on a path to follow when they visit your website.
  • Checks if the site tells your business story in an impactful way (your expertise, how are you the best, why should they choose you).

A Copy Review Does Not Include:

  • Editing existing copy or writing new copy (although I’m happy to do that for you!).
  • Determining your core message (you’ll get input and ideas about the effectiveness of the message you are using now).
  • Is not an SEO Audit

A Copy Review from Castle Media Co. will be tailored to your business and your needs.

Would your website benefit from an objective, outside perspective?

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Gayle Workman

Gayle Workman

I wanted to thank you for everything! I love all the written content you did for the website - it was just what I wanted!

Niki Sargent

Niki Sargent

Sometimes we forget to appreciate the people who help us in unique ways. I’m grateful for all your guidance, feedback & natural ability to tame my fiery spirit while still capturing my passion in a professional manner! 💗 Thank you!!!

Pam & Keith Nicely

Real Estate Done Nicely

We have worked with Noelle to update our website content, add blogs to our site, and do our monthly email newsletter for us. She has added several blogs to the website that answer client questions, and demonstrate our expertise in real estate. She also designed an email newsletter for us that picks up our branding beautifully, and she wrote the monthly content for us which made getting newsletters out regularly much easier for us. We would recommend Castle Media to any business needing customized help with their marketing!

JoAnne Christman
Owner / Tint LLC

JoAnne Christman

Noelle helped me update the copy on my website for new services I was adding, and to improve my current page content. It was so worth it! I never realized how much goes into optimizing content for good search results. I enjoy writing, but I just never get the time to sit down and do it. I really felt that Noelle was genuinely interested in my business, and she captured my services and the manner in which I work with clients very well. She has since started adding blogs to my site, and helping me with various updates. She really knows her stuff!