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10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Copywriter

Everything people read about your business makes a direct statement about your brand. It does not matter how great your products are, how fabulously you present yourself, or how amazing your sales people hustle, if what your potential customers read about you is boring, useless, or poorly written. If your content (copywriting) is not compelling, persuasive, and digitally effective, you’re toast. Today’s consumer will be on to the next option faster than you can say “Google it.” Enter: a professional copywriter.

The need for new content, and writing that content, can be overwhelming. I see clients put off and procrastinate on this segment of marketing projects more than any other aspect. The stress of looking at a blank document screen while you try to think of something interesting to say can be agonizing. Writing copy is typically so dreaded and avoiding dealing with it can delay a project endlessly. Do you have industry competitors that you know you are superior to? What do they have that you don’t? Well, it might just be better content and copywriting!

A professional writer can accomplish far more with your copy than you can – not only giving you well written, grammatically correct copy, but content that gets people’s attention and calls them to respond to it. Create great content consistently (because you are not constantly putting it off), and suddenly you become an industry leader, an influencer, and get the conversions you are looking for!

10 Reasons Hiring a Professional Copywriter is a Smart Business Decision

Here are some great reasons why you should hire a professional copywriter:

Reason 1  It will actually get done.
If you have a business to run and grow, you do not have time to sit around and come up with great copy. Staring at a blank screen is not productive. Putting it off until you are inspired will never happen. Writing good content takes a lot of time! Hire someone to write it for you, and you will have more time to actually get your own work done. Professional copywriters save time – YOURS!

Reason 2  It can improve ALL your communication materials (and save $$)
I always remind clients that when I have finished new website content, they now have some perfect new material to push out to their social media posts. When a brochure is written, use that fresh material for expanding website pages, or to update your Facebook business and services descriptions. Adding blogs to your website is a great time to start eNewsletters to your database as another means to connect to them with helpful information instead of endless sales pitches. Investing in professional copy can give you all sorts of current content, all ready to use in a variety of ways so you get more bang for your buck!

Reason 3  Your digital marketing will be more effective.
Any content you put on your digital media – websites, social media, online advertising needs to include the right keywords, longtail search terms, and have properly structured content to be effective in the digital world. Very few amateurs think about content from a search engine perspective, and yet, that is why you are creating an online presence – so customers will find you. How do they find you? They do a search. Unless you are lucky enough for them to know exactly what your business name and/or domain address is, you are depending on what search terms they use to pull up your website on one of the first few pages of their search. If your content is not sensitive to this absolute necessity online, it simply isn’t working for you.

Reason 4  Your content will not be embarrassing.
Look, your last English grammar class was probably a while ago. Same can be said for most of your staff. When people are busy and in a hurry, or just not as knowledgeable or careful as they should be, mistakes happen. Typos of any sort are not only embarrassing, they communicate to the world that you don’t care that much. Why should someone trust your products or services if you can’t get your sentences right?! We all make mistakes, but you are guaranteed fewer of them when you work with a professional copywriter.

Reason 5  You can sell without selling.
A professional copywriter doesn’t just know how to write well, create accurate sentence structure, and proofread for typos, they know how to tell your story. We know how to write compelling content that draws the reader in, makes them feel understood, and connects them to you and your business. People get very tired of being pitched to and aggressively pushed to do something. There are a lot of choices in the market, people are not stupid, and it is your responsibility to explain to them why you are the best choice. Your story does this, not instructing them to do something.

Reason 6  Your products and services are presented effectively.
The fact is that you are probably too close to your business to communicate it well in writing. Owners and people close to a business tend to get too technical or jargon-heavy. It can also be easy to make assumptions about what people already know and understand which is often off base. Lastly, you may just not be a great writer (sorry). A professional copywriter will come at it from your customer’s perspective, asking the “dumb questions” so they can explain things with clear answers, and provide details to your customers at their level.

Reason 7  Your ideas will be better than you knew they could be.
When you hire a professional to help write content for your business communications, you are not giving up your control, your ability to have input, or the chance to say what you want to say about your products or services. You are simply hiring someone to help you say all that, but with the skill and experience of someone who knows about written communications and marketing nuance.

Reason 8  A pro knows how to persuade with words.
It is not enough to simply explain what your products do better than others, or how your services are superior to everyone else’s. Your copy must persuade – make people care about what you do, see how it can help them, and then want to take an action. The goal of your copy is to convert prospects to customers. Good copywriting does this.

Reason 9  Good copy communicates your brand accurately.
More than 80% of consumers are finding new businesses online. Your website and social media make a critical first impression. Great design and graphic branding are only part of your brand messaging. In fact, the “messaging” part of branding largely comes down to the copywriting. Your content should always communicate your business at its very best. Inconsistent, sloppy, poorly written content is more than embarrassing, it is brandicide!

Reason 10  It’s a good business decision
The most effective entrepreneurs know how to leverage their time. Why would you be writing copy when you have clients to call? Why would you have your office manager struggling with finding the right words when they have a budget to analyze? Copywriting is a no-brainer to outsource because it is easy to break down into projects. Hire someone who can create great content for your business, and get it done fast so it starts working for you. Turn away from that blank screen and open your email or pick up the phone!

I’d love to help you with YOUR copywriting needs! Noelle