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Some Business Advice During COVID-19

With business NOT as usual – what can you be doing during these extraordinary times to keep your business moving forward?

Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t.

It’s hard to not get discouraged, to not consume too much pandemic news and the fusillade of disturbing stories. None of this will move you forward, however. Instead of focusing on what stands in your way, keep your mind productive and positive. Clean up your office, update your customer database, learn something new. What is one thing you can do today, or this week, that will support your business goals?

It’s OK to still “do business”!

Continuing to conduct and promote your business is not about being predatory. It’s about bringing education and benefits to people. Many people don’t know what is available to them that you can help with. Ask yourself: how do my services or products help people at this time? The answer to that question should drive your marketing messages now (actually always, but now for sure).

It’s tempting to want to crawl into a hole and hope that you can wait it out, but you have to force yourself to get out there. It is Marketing 101 to reach out to existing clients, and everyone in the business that you have a relationship with, plus friends and family, and let them know you would love to work with them. Ask them to remember you when they hear of someone thinking about a project that fits your business services. Just simply stay in front of them with updates about your business.

This is NOT the time to hide out!

Of course you have to be sensitive to the current situation, and craft the right message for your business. Don’t be tone-deaf and ask for big projects or large orders, consider scaling down to help people get what they need at reduced capacities. Your focus should be staying front of your audience’s mind. Things will turn around, they always do, and you want your connections to be stronger than ever when that occurs.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

We are in a time of adjusting how we do business, there is no argument about that. These necessary shifts mean we have to get out of our comfort zones. Now is the time that you need to force yourself to learn and conduct video meetings, learn file-sharing software, and reach out in ways you may not be used to. It’s not about how you want to do business, it’s a matter of how you must do business right now.

Redefine the Scope of Your Projects

Consider taking all projects that are a good fit for you, regardless of their smaller size. People will be grateful for the help, and even small projects can and will typically lead to more work down the road.

Find Ways to Be Helpful

Everyone is anxious and frightened on some level. One positive way to channel your own anxious energy is to redirect it toward helping others. How can you help in your community? You don’t have to give away your services, but you can give away your advice and other resources that you already have at your disposal.

Clean Up Your Business and Your Skills

If you are experiencing a slowdown in your business, one way to stay productive is to focus on your internal processes and projects that you never have time for when it’s busy. Now is a great opportunity to boost your technology and other skills that you would like to improve. Online courses, webinars, coaching, and consulting abound – now is a great time to take advantage of them while your business is slower!

We’re entrepreneurs – we are resourceful!

Let the ingenuity that led you into business in the first place guide you through this exceptional time.