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3 Questions a Good Website Homepage Answers

Noelle Castle 26th March 2024
Your homepage is without doubt one of the most important pages of your website. Because it typically will get the bulk of your website traffic, it’s critical that it answers a visitor’s key initial questions: Who are you? What do you do? How can you help? Outlive the “Blink Test” You’ve got around 8 seconds (at most) for a visitor to your website to decide if they want to stay on your site and look around. For this reason, you MUST summarize some key details about your business pretty darn fast. If a visitor can’t tell immediately who you are,…

7 Reasons Nobody is Engaging with Your Social Media Posts (and How to Fix It)

Noelle Castle 8th September 2020
You keep hearing about the importance of social media to build your business. You see your colleagues’ posts getting some action, but nobody is Liking, Commenting or Sharing anything you post! What gives?! There are actually a number of good reasons why your social media efforts are falling flat. Here is a down and dirty list of some of the reasons why, and what you can do about it: You Post All About YOU Keep in mind that your professional social media sites are not your personal online journal. While you should be yourself and let people get to know…