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Increase Your SEO by 50% with this Simple Strategy

The most powerful way to improve traffic to your website is through organic search – people searching for something via a search engine such as Google, and coming across your business in that search before their attention span wanes. In other words, you need to show up on the first few pages of a search to receive the clicks of your prospective customers.

The missing link for many businesses is failing to consider how SEO efforts and content marketing work together. When we sync these efforts, something very exciting happens! While SEO efforts take time to make a difference in your digital footprint, partnering them with your marketing content activities can really turn the tide in your favor. After all, you need good, and consistently changing, content to make your SEO keyword strategy work. Further, understanding your business’ keywords and what your customers are searching for via your SEO tactics provides the best direction for your content development strategy.

Knowing that SEO and Content go hand-in-hand, my colleague Milly Welsh and I have teamed up to create a unique model to help clients meet their digital marketing goals. We created a set of Marketing Packages that address the need for content, apply SEO efforts, and support the need for social media exposure. The clients that take advantage of our Marketing Packages are doing a lot better in SEO than the ones that do not. These clients are able to keep up on social media and blogging to enhance and improve their digital content, giving much more material to work with in SEO efforts, and making their SEO improve radically.

We are consistently seeing traffic improvements to their website of OVER 50% monthly!

This blog post will provide additional information on just what goes into good SEO practices – check it out!