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Some Business Advice During COVID-19

Noelle Castle 25th March 2020
With business NOT as usual - what can you be doing during these extraordinary times to keep your business moving forward? Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t. It's hard to not get discouraged, to not consume too much pandemic news and the fusillade of disturbing stories. None of this will move you forward, however. Instead of focusing on what stands in your way, keep your mind productive and positive. Clean up your office, update your customer database, learn something new. What is one thing you can do today, or this week, that will support your business…

How Can You Market Your Business During COVID-19?

Noelle Castle 25th March 2020
I know it’s a time when a lot of us – businesses included – are just hunkering down and waiting this thing out. Or hoping we can. As business owners we're trying to keep things going, but there is no doubt that business is NOT as usual. Are you wondering, is it even an appropriate time to continue to do any marketing of your business? I know a lot of us are struggling. Anxiety is running very high; people are worried and scared for any number of good reasons. We’re worried about our health and the health of our family,…