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The Changing Definition of Copywriting

Noelle Castle 6th February 2019
It only seems fitting that a business dealing largely in words would have its own struggles with semantics! A consistent misconception deals with the idea of copywriting as part of the services I offer. What is it exactly anyway? Do I write for the newspaper? No, that would be a copyeditor. Do I deal with legalities of protecting writing? No, that would be copyrighting. Oh, so I write sales letters! Well, yes, and no… Copywriting is evolving Traditionally, copywriting has been considered the text form of selling, basically. Presenting the sales pitch for someone to read instead of listen to.…

Increase Your SEO by 50% with this Simple Strategy

Noelle Castle 17th December 2018
The most powerful way to improve traffic to your website is through organic search – people searching for something via a search engine such as Google, and coming across your business in that search before their attention span wanes. In other words, you need to show up on the first few pages of a search to receive the clicks of your prospective customers. The missing link for many businesses is failing to consider how SEO efforts and content marketing work together. When we sync these efforts, something very exciting happens! While SEO efforts take time to make a difference in…